About Us in English

The JIA Foundation was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of the current wave of Japanese immigrants and expats who benefit greatly from Japanese language specific services. “JIA” is an acronym which stands for Japanese in America. We define “JIA” as those of any race and nationality who speak Japanese and appreciate Japanese culture and values.

Community, Education and Identity are the key components of JIA programs. There are many unknowns and pit falls in living overseas and the JIA Foundation aims to support every aspect of JIA member’s lives to help them find the resources they need to continue to have fulfilling and productive lives in the US. We have created a vibrant multigenerational community, facilitate social and educational services to make a positive difference in JIA’s everyday lives, and we want JIA, young and old, to have confidence in being JIA.

Utilizing the current network of Japanese business leaders and media resources from Japan, the JIA Foundation aims to serve as a central information resource for the everyday needs of all generations of JIA and their families.
We also serve as an advocacy organization representing today’s Japan and Japanese.

JIA Foundation is a 501c3 NPO and operated solely by volunteers. Membership is free and we offer free and fee-based seminars and activities.

Our Programs:
• JIA Salon — regular get together with new and existing members.
• JIA Youth Leadership Program — opportunities for JIA teenagers to meet fellow young JIA and talk about identity issues in a comfortable and safe setting
• Summer Family Camp-good old Japanese summer camp experience recreated in the USA!
• Leadership Seminars—-networking and discussion with local JIA business and community leaders
• Seminars on health by Japanese speaking medical professionals
• Thanksgiving Dinner & Fundraising
• End of year community celebration
• SEIJIN-shiki, US -Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration

And more.
If you know any JIA who will benefit from attending our programs please let us know!